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Speaking of recipes...

Heh, this is kind of funny. Last year in the Outer Banks, my wife got a bit bored and decided to amuse herself with an empty box of Philadelphia Cream Cheese. They were sponsoring some contest in which the person who submitted the best original recipe, as determined by the judges, would receive money or cool prizes.

She didn't have the patience (or indeed any cream cheese) with which to actually develop new recipes experimentally. Instead, she simply made them up off the top of her head, assigned them arbitrary names, wrote them out on a dozen or so index cards and mailed them away.

We'd pretty much forgotten about it until last week when, lo and behold, she received notification that one of her recipes had come in second place. Now mind you, we never tried any of these "recipes," and in fact we didn't even keep copies. Curiosity got the better of her, so she called the prize headquarters on the phone and sheepishly asked which recipe of hers had won, since she entered several. It was her terrific recipe for "Vegetable Delight," she was informed. No, we have no idea what it is. We're sort of too embarrassed to ask.