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All right, then!

Here's how the past two weeks of "hell life" are culminating for me. I'm going to spend tomorrow doing a thoroughly unpleasant errand, and then tomorrow evening I'm flying off to the Caribbean. I'll be back in about a week. In the meantime, CRB and Adam will post here as often or as seldom as they like. You're also free (as always) to amuse yourselves in the comment area. I will be no more or less superfluous here than ever. ;-)

So for now: Happy Easter, and Happy Passover. Enjoy yourselves a nice ham, a chocolate bunny and some yellow-capped Coke. I'll see you when I get back.

Take care,



Barry went to the Caribbean

And all I got was this stupid blog

(I'm assuming you aren't bringing t-shirts back for us)

Hey man you are in America, you can't say Easter! It is bunny day, Or else risk offending the Muslim horde.
And Passover man you are brave. You must be a racist.
Yellow capped coke? Are you insane, the Asians will be knocking at your door.
Ohh the Carribean, obviously going to bring some illegals back with you or drugs? You really pushed all the buttons on this post.
LOL, Have a great time.

Barry, in the future the shorter list would be when you are not traveling with your lovely wife, wouldn't you agree? Just tell us the 20 weeks when you won't be in Carolina or whereever!

Seriously, have a wonderful time! Look forward to seeing you back here for two weeks before the Moose Jaw trek in mid-May followed by the Steamboat Springs annual outing at the end of May!

(Just teasing!)

Hey, did I mention it was a vacation with my in-laws?

Take care, y'all. Mal, I don't know what a "Moose Jaw" trek is, but it sounds cool. :-)

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