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Uh oh....

uh...where'd all the other posts go?

I think I may have crashed the car...should I skip town before he gets back?


I dont think that you need to leave town. I just think that you should stop posting here. Sorry, you are a good guy but your style is incompatible with the Cynical Nation style. At least in my opinion. You are too far right wing and not open minded. When Barry comes back, I will make sure to raise this issue with him :) I think that there is a 50-50% chance he will listen to me, especially if there other readers that agree. Cheers.

You lost the baby?! Seriously, the old posts are still in the archives, so I wouldn't panic. :o)

It all started when you posted that cartoon...

CRB, you may be onto something here!

And Blue, once again, I can't tell when you're tongue-in-cheek and when you're seriously.

I know you cant. I have not complained officially to Barry yet :) I will wait a couple of days for him to catch up and then I will file my complaint, asking him not to allow you to post separately. Or at the very least to consider censuring your posts. Cheers.

Hahaha, dammit, Blue--always making me look like a moron ;)

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