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No cause for alarm

All right, I'm back now, and as near as I can tell, this site remains safe from both hackers and radical Islamists (Allah be praised.)

The posts "disappeared" due to a default setting on my publishing software. This site was configured to display only posts from the past 10 days. Since I wasn't here much during that time, there wasn't much to show. I've changed it now to show the most recent 20 posts, regardless. Seems to make more sense.

I guess there was also some weirdness with the discussion board. These things always happen while I'm away, of course, but I think everything is (probably) back to normal now.

I've got tons of crap to plow through in my inbox, but I'm making surprisingly good progress, so I hope to get back into the swing of things ASAP.


I guess there was also some weirdness with the discussion board.

Oh, yes. Big time.

Retired AND serving (through Rep. John Murtha) generals alike are revolting and for damn good reason. The unnecessary corporate war in Iraq is an unequivocal bloody disaster, Bush & Co. has gutted and sadistically abused the military and our veterans, and the Brass must now work to prevent these madmen from starting a NUCLEAR WAR!

Oh thank God, here I thought I'd done something :D

Bailey, I let you spew pretty much whatever nonsense you want here, but at least try to stay topical, okay?

Oh, and stop posting as "Anonymous." That's just annoying.

but at least try to stay topical, okay?

Got a guy over at Sophistpundit, "Ken Adams", who every so often stops by to basically blog in my comments section on topics having nothing to do with the post he's writing in.

Oh well. He doesn't do so in any sizable volume, so I figure there's no harm in it.

Hey Adam,
This is not the right place to advertise Sophistpundit. Try to stay topical. Please.

"Allah be praised."

He always gets me out of those tech support jams, too.

But I notice that you DON'T stay on topic when your personal Lord & Savior Dubya is going down faster than a San Francisco hair dresser on a Saturday night.

My, my, my -- do you think the antics of the people you defend (Bush, Cheney, DeLay, Kenny-boy, Scooter) just go unnoticed if you don't talk about them?

You have promoted a pack of criminal scumbags who have sold this country out to line their own pockets, making you a traitor as well.

Anonumous (Bailey?),
I dont think Barry is supporting Bush anymore. He has said repeatedly that he is completely disappointed by him. So dont blame him for something that he has denounced.

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