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Happy Independence Day!!

For Israel, that is. Time to throw some kosher hot dogs on the grill, I guess, and knock back a few of these.


Yep. Happy Independence day. By the way, the best Israeli beer is this one.

You seriously have a beer for every occasion. It's amazing!

Fuck Israel. It is run by the same religious kooks who are now running the Republican Party, pretending to be conservatives.

Stop sending my tax money to Israel. Fuck them.

Congratulations, Bailey. You've finally managed to get banned. You'll be proud to know you are only the second commenter ever to be banned from this site. The first guy wanted to kill all Muslims by immolation. It wasn't easy, but you earned it.

I am glad you banned Bailey. I was going to suggest that to you after this comment he made. What he wrote was extremely offensive and it pissed me off. I hope he does not show up with another name.

Hebrew beer?

I don't know about that one, nothing against Israel, but....

I'll stick to the British beer, but thanks anyway.

Hebrew beer?

I don't know about that one, nothing against Israel, but....

I'll stick to the British beer, but thanks anyway.

whoa, was Bailey the Anony comment about fuck Israel?


Poor dumb, hate-filled Barely Hanging.

Still blaming other people for his own failures - "Some guy from India stole my job cause my government allowed cheap labor to flood the country with H1-B visas...Whaa, Whaaaaa!"

IT jobs are still going begging because we've dropped the H1-B Visas back down to 65,000/year! And those tech jobs still pay "American wages," of course not the highs of years ago, when a shortage of trained programmers in the face of rising demand jacked up those salaries beyond what was sustainable.

Hell, guys like Larry Kudlow are calling for higher quotas on H1-B Visas to fill some of those jobs now going begging.

Barely, you shouldn't be mad at the world, you should be mad at yourself.

A Jew Brew!


The Jews are bringing our great land down to the next depression. With Bernanke raising rates, the cost of fuel lining the heimi executives pockets with more gold, and the ever escalating tensions brought on by the blood sucking jews are ruining America. Hitler should of got all of you but the Muslims will finish the job for him.


Israel gives jews a bad name. Unless you renounce Israel as any kind of valid state then fuck you as a jew and a human being.

Israel commits war crimes. FACT.


Oh wait, I forgot, Amnesty International are HEAVILY anti semetic.

Stop hiding behind anti-semetism as an excuse for the "jewish homeland" to fuck over as many arabs as they want.

If you support israel you are supporting the unjust killing and imprisonment of many many other humans.

So yes, FUCK ISRAEL and fuck anyone who supports this piece of shit country, including any jews.

Although what can I expect from a religion that is heavily based in a victim mentality and an eye for an eye justice system. Heard of Truth and Reconciliation?

Israeli savages actually think they are going to stop muslims from launching rockets and suicide bombing by BOMBING the shit out of muslim cities.

Terrorism doesn't work like that dumbasses.

You kill a mans family with bombs and artillery, it doesnt matter if you intended to kill "TEH EVIL TERRORIZTZITZ" he is going to want revenge.

Both Islam and Judaism are equally retarded, like all religions, however Muslims are not the attackers here, its Israel.

You stole a country, now you act surprised when people fight back?

Fuck israel and all who support it.

If you are jewish and do not think stealing land and bombing innocent people is a good thing.

And no, the excuse of "BUT THE TERRORISTS ATTACKED US FIRST" is no excuse to bomb civillians because you FUCKING STARTED the conflict by stealing a piece of land that doesnt belong to you.

I have a book that says I get to own your house? Does this mean I dont get arrested if i kill you and steal your house?

I don't hate jews, I just hate bastards.

fuck isreal it a badtard tv fuck them and may the all die soon

fuck isreal it a bastard country fuck them and may they all die soon

Agreed Fuck israel and all the "jewish" scum therein.

I just wanted to state first and foremost that I am not an anti-semite; but many label me as such because I am anti-Israel. We must be sure to make a distinction and just because I don't want my tax money to go to Israel in support of a tyranical regime that uses American taxpayer dollars to exterminate Palestinians doesn't mean that I want Jews wiped off the face of the earth. I live in Boca Raton, FL and have many Jewish friends, but just wanted to say: FUCK ISRAEL!


huh i gota say yeah im an american soldier and you people make me sick isreal is the cause of most the u.s problems i believe in god definately but not the bible or religon nothing good ever came from religon if isreal truly was gods place and people and they would never be destroyed then why oh why do we gota protect them mmmmmm.. maybe cause that is bulls*** i mean if iran got a nuke and dropped it over isreal god would just make it go away right ehhhh.... no so think outside your box heads and think on your own stupid people


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