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Rudy can pander with the best of them

Check out this bit of shameless pandering, from a Rudy Giuliani fundraising trip to Iowa.

Mr. Giuliani also endorsed "appropriate levels" of federal subsidies for farmers and particularly aligned himself with government support for ethanol, an alternative fuel made from corn that is a prized issue in Iowa.

It brought to mind a question a friend of mine asked recently: Have you ever heard anyone sing the praises of ethanol who wasn't either

  1. from a farm-belt state, or
  2. running for president?

The answer, of course, is "no." If ethanol were such a damn good idea, the government wouldn't have to continually try to shove it down our throats with subsidies and mandates.

Since it's never too early to start handicapping the 2008 presidential campaign, I'm giving John McCain the advantage on this one. He has, to his credit, remained fairly skeptical on the subject of ethanol subsidies.


Yeah, McCain should be the candidate. And he should pick Jerry Falwell as the vice president. Sorry Barry, but both Rudy and McCain are loosers. McCain has lost completely credibility recently with his actions.

Hey blue, aren't you supposed to be off somewhere trying to defeat Joe Lieberman?

Lieberman is a friend of McCain Barry.

Yeah, I'm not entirely convinced of Giuliani's fiscal conservatism and this didn't help.

Giuliani isn't likely to win in Iowa anyway. Neither is McCain. McCain knows enough to not bother to pander to Iowans. Apparently Giuliani either doesn't or honestly likes handing out taxpayer money to special interests.

I'm still a Giuliani fan, more for the kind of man and leader he is and his performance as New York mayor than for his actual stance on issues. But he just went from a tie with McCain in my mind to slightly below him.

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