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Get that beer on ice!

Merry Fitzmas, baby!!! Rove has been cleared and it's party time at our house tonight!

Now granted, I've never really liked the guy, and I resent the direction he's taken the Republican Party, but anything that gets the moonbats this upset is definitely worth celebrating.

Dang, I was only now recovering from my "Zarqawi getting blowed up" party (which was not "gloating," BTW. Just a tasteful gathering with a few close friends... and a screwed-up cake -- the decorator misspelled "virgins." I swear, you can't get decent service these days.)


Kongratulations Karl!
Now you can return full-time to further polluting American politics.

Too bad this is likely to be overshadowed by W showing up in Baghdad!

Hey Barry,
Merry Fitzmas! I dont know what is to celebrate though. Rove may be cleared, and I am glad for it personally because the guy is a genius (an evil one, but still a genius) and I did not want him to get hurt. However, the administration is still not cleared. Wait until we take back the house in Novemeber. Then you will see what "Fitzmas" really is.

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