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This is just too great!

Is this like the best news week ever, or what? I mean, first Zarqawi gets blowed up (not that I gloated, of course), a Kennedy cops a guilty plea, Karl Rove walks, and now? I can drink all the booze I want so long as I drink a lot of coffee too -- which I already do anyway!

Sometimes lately it seems that every day is just like Christmas or something.

(Hat tip: Ace)


Irish coffees all around -- on me! Except for that Kennedy kid. It's his turn to drive the hookers home.

I'm glad I found this blog (and onion.com timblair.com). Some political blogs that actually laugh at some current events instead of the typical wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Tim Blair is great. He doesn't link to me, though (asshole!) Good to have you here. :-)

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