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Rudy and the right

Political junkies of varying stripes are always fond of asking how Rudy Giuliani, a "social libera,l" can energize and consolidate the Republican Party's conservative base, which will be necessary if he is to win the nomination. As I've pointed out here 'til I'm blue in the face, Rudy's strength among conservatives needs a lot less help than most people believe. Still, Ryan Sager offers us a preview of one way in which Rudy's trying to reinforce his conservative credentials: school choice.

...[T]he former mayor launched into an impassioned brief for school choice. "A president has to know the role" of the federal government, he said. "It's more of a leadership role." But as that leader, he would emphasize, "choice and vouchers."

As mayor, he said, he thought he could do for the schools what he did for the police department and other city agencies. But he learned he was wrong. The education bureaucracy and the teachers unions were too deeply entrenched. What's needed, he said, "is to go to a choice system and break up the monopoly."

Even if they believe it, "most Democrats can't say to you what I just said," he told the crowd. "They're not allowed to."

Most excellent. One of my favorite potential contenders for 2008 just got a lot more favorite-y.


I would still like to see a Rice/Huntsman (Gov of Utah) ticket, but Giuliani/Brown (Janice Rogers) would be OK with me. Only problem with the second ticket is that there are too many lawyers on it.

A cross-eyed First Lady? Not gonna happen!

Rudy for Atty General.

Giuliani is my choice for Republican candidate in 2008 too. Sooooooo beatable. He could be beaten in a walk. So many negatives that are not known around the country, plus wait until the folks in the sticks hear that New York accent. We don't appreciate it so much here in the NY-Metro area, but just like a southern accent can grate on our ears, depending on an individual's mindset, so can a New York accent affect people from the so-called "heartland". Plus he doesn't have a good head of hair. Don't know how tall he is, either. But that accent will translate to "I don't trust him" for a lot of people, and good hair and height tend to win more than they lose. And those are just the most superficial of his negatives. The real meaty and drinky negatives would really play against him in a big way. Plus, give the country more of the same of GW and Giuliani would spend all of '08 running away from GW as much as against the Democratic nominee.

So yes, please, I like Giuliania for '08 too. See, you and I agree on a lot of stuff, BNJ.

> Giuliani is my choice for Republican candidate in 2008 too. Sooooooo beatable.

This from the guy who wants to nominate Russ Feingold.

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