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Is this a record?

I think Atrios has officially moved beyond parody. As of right now, 11:30 AM EDT, the top 12 (TWELVE!) posts on his site are "open threads." Even the throwaway lines in the message bodies are identical ("Yeah, yeah, another stupid open thread.")

Please explain this to me. If you're not going to post any original comments all day (or even a link to someone else's content) then what's the point of having a dozen separate open threads? Wouldn't one suffice? Or three?

While you're at it, maybe you could also explain how he's maintained his status at #13 in the TTLB ecosystem. There's something I don't "get" here, clearly.


Lets face it. Atrios is cool no matter what he does (or does not do). Open threads are cool. Especially when they are more than 10 in a row.

Well, if you really want to know, he was in the mix early and got his notoriety early and did a lot of great work, early on. He is still doing very good work and has the added cachet of having been on The West Wing and of being chummy with and occassionaly appearing on Air America Radio. So there is plenty there to support his position. His analysis, when he does analysis, is pretty good, too. Not as good as Digby's, in my humble opinion, but still pretty good.

There is also a self-sustaining thing to getting big inside the Blogway.

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