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Some people should just stay clothed...

...and I think Margaret Cho would top most anybody's list. Yet human nature is a peculiar thing. You know you don't want to see her naked, but you know you're going to click here anyway. Well go ahead, then. Do it. It's too big a burden for me to shoulder alone. My eyes. My eyes....

(Hat tip: Ace)


No way, Jose! No trickery.

Although I'd take a naked Cho over a naked Whoopi Goldberg any day.

Yeah I made the mistake of clicking the link at AOS.

I immediately regretted not watching dogs vomit instead.

When Ricki Lake (who is now, according to People Magazine, getting a divorce), did that PETA ad where she was photographed naked with the caption "I'd rather go naked than wear fur," all I could think was, "I would rather club a baby seal to death than see Ricki Lake naked".

[I am a liberal and a progressive and support animal rights (but not to the extent of PETA) and would not club a baby seal to death under any circumstances. It's just a joke. I guess I lose my progressive street cred now.]

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