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Why the double standard?

Alan Dershowitz wants to know.

As the civilized world justly celebrates the long overdue killing of Abu M Zarqawi, it must recall that his death was brought about by what has come to be known as "targeted assassination" or "targeted killings." This is the same technique that has been repeatedly condemned by the international community when Israel has employed it against terrorists who have murdered innocent Jews. When Israel targeted the two previous heads of Hamas, the British foreign secretary said: "targeted killings of this kind are unlawful and unjustified." The same views expressed at the United Nations and by several European heads of state. It was also expressed by various Human Rights organizations.

Now Great Britain is applauding the targeted killing of a terrorist who endangered its soldiers and citizens. What is the difference, except that Israel can do no right in the eyes of many in the international community.

Dershowitz had better watch out. Harvard's going to try to figure out how to gid rid of him if he keeps this up.


You must be an extremely smart individual from your point of view on past issues, so why do you not see the ultimate trend unfolding for the last sixty years in Jewish history??? I am not here to teach apologetics or reform the masses, but look to the skies (as Revelations preaches) and see what is to come and what will be. Zarqawi's death will bring nothing positive to our future as a nation and we need to accept that. The mass media lies, and it is our future at stake, where will you stand?

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