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Just curious...

...is there some... "soccer" thing going on or something?


Not as far as I am aware.

I AM aware, though, that there IS some championship baseball going on, in Queens, NY where Gotham's best team (by far) is playing .600 first-place baseball.

What the hell is soccer?

some sort of a game watched by large groups of people who riot, maraud and kill each other whether the game goes their way or not.

Hey Barry you have visited my site and you know about the world cup.....(and the czech babes) :)

I don't see any babes when I clicked the link :(

Hehe. No Czech babes in the link. The point is that we lost to Czech republic in soccer, but it does not matter because Czech babes are hot.

I agree Czech babes are hot.

Finally, agreement on this site.

soccer = goodness

Deutschland, Deutschland, Deutschland....

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