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Happy 4th!!

After weeks and weeks of being subjected to endless matches of that euro-wuss game which shall not be named, we can finally get to a real sport! It's time for the annual hot dog eating contest as Coney Island.

And this year you can bet on it.

It's a pretty low-key affair for me this year. Just beer, burgers, dogs and fish on the backyard grill with a few friends. So how's everyone else celebrating this year?


Same, except that will be also watching the "euro-wuss game which shall not be named ". Today there is the semifinal, Italy-Germany, and that should be be thriller game to watch.

I don't know, I thought I might grill and devour a few Christian babies, then go to a gay wedding, then maybe have some nonprocreative sex, then read Helen Thomas' new book, then I thought tonight we might get "Good Night and Good Luck" on pay-per-view.

In short, a day that's a conservative's worst nightmare, but just another day in the life of a liberal.

I'd toss having an abortion in there too, but I'm 51.

Get drunk and shoot off fireworks, I guess.

Don't know about the rest of you guys, but I'm going to cover my car with "SUPPORT THE TROOPS" magnets.

Going to a restaurant...and shred my dvd of Good Night and Good Luck in the wood chipper

U - S - A!

U - S - A!

U - S - A!!!!!

I'm just going to do that until about midnight or until I drop...

U - S - A!

U - S - A!

U - S - A!!!!!

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