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Jersey shut down

The state of New Jersey is now officially shut down, and you'd think it'd be bigger news. Howie's headline sums it up nicely for me:

State of New Jersey Shut Down, No One Notices

It's not completely shut down, of course. I've been driving around today and you can bet your ass they're still collecting tolls (hope can always find a way for those truly important "services.")

The problem, of course, is that even Governor Corzine's fellow Democrats are balking at his tax-everything-that-isn't-nailed-down travesty of a budget. Reminiscent of Clinton/Gingrich, right? Only without any Gingriches.

Especially silent are all the Jersey bloggers who breathlessly supported Corzine's campaign for governor. I wonder why that would be? Perhaps since no Republicans are involved, they're confused about which side to take. See, that's the reason New Jersey needs to elect a Republican at least occasionally. Otherwise, there won't be anyone to blame for the state's legendary dysfunction.


The Dems in NJ are faced with a familiar problem: dealing with the embarrassment of a one-party state which is the most corrupt in the country.

I had to laugh when I heard Hannity today boldly predict that Kean, jr. would win in November because of this.

What a nimrod.

The NJ Dems survived a gay governor who put his Israeli lover into a key civil defense position.

They survived a brutally corrupt senator who 'resigned' from a race under pressure only to have the Democratic supreme court ignore state law and allow for a replacement.

It is a state that has gotten exactly what it voted for.

It will again in November.

I hope the state government implodes.

You get what you ask for.

Mal, the whole "gay lover" thing served as a useful inoculation against investigating the other corruption that surrounded the case. It wouldn't surprise me if McGreevey were actually straight.

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