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Kos and Ann Coulter want you to read this site

Heh, I'm not proud.

Can a cheap headline featuring hot-button words "Kos" and "Coulter" goose a blogger's hit count? The stats are in and the answer is ... unfortunately ... yes. ...

I wonder what Kos would think of that? Or Coulter?


Are you implying that Kos and Coulter are similar in some ways?

Aren't you more interested in knowing what hot young barely legal teens think while they're doing things so perverted that even Robert Novak doesn't need Viagra to get rich right now from the comfort of your home playing no-limit Texas Hold'em with Paris Hilton?

KOS and Coulter in agreement? Boy, that's one that I never thought I'd see.

But I think that we can all agree that the Senator from Conn is a bit self serving in this case.

The truth of that is too obvious to deny.

I tried that game a few times, just for laughs. Not using Coulter and Kis, mind you, but just words that would trigger traffic. EVery now and again, if you check Technorati, some person's name comes up as being in a sex video and the Technorato search numbers go through the roof. I found that, if you put that name into a short paragraph that says practically anything you want, you can get hundreds of hits for a few days. I did that when that college girl in Singapore got her cellphone stolen and someone posted her private sex video on the 'net. I put her name in a paragraph in which I announced that I was doing this to see what sort of traffic it would generate. My traffic bounced up by 300-400 hits a day for about three days. It's a fun game, but ultimately without meaning. As soon as my newly found visitors discovered that there was no copy of the video on my site, they left, so the average time spent at the site actually dropped.

"Are you implying that Kos and Coulter are similar in some ways?" (BW)

No, I don't think that's implied.

Even though they may agree here, over Liberman, I'd think Coulter is still, just a bit more rational and a bit less unhinged than Kos.

Even though they may agree here, over Liberman, I'd think Coulter is still, just a bit more rational and a bit less unhinged than Kos.


P.S. I think Coulter likes Lieberman. Kos does not.

I get the distinct impression that Coulter doesn't much like ANYONE to the Left of, say Zell Miller. On that score, she's got good taste, at least in my view.

Her occasional over-the-top statements are great PR for her books and always timed to coincide with a book launching.

In that regard, she's a regular marketing genius, like the guys in Hollywood getting the RC Catholic Church to blast their films (Da Vinci Code, Last Temptation, etc), Coulter getting the goat of the Left only boosts her sales figures.

Now Debbie Frisch (the Univ of Arizona Adjunct) who made vile online comments about Jeff Goldstein's (Protein Wisdom) two year-old child isn't much of a "marketing guru.

Yes, she generated quite a buzz, but wound up losing her teaching position at UA in the process.


You know what else Kos & Coulter agree on?

That the plagiarism charges against Coulter are absurd!

"Ann Coulter plagiarism charges overblown

by kos

Fri Jul 07, 2006 at 08:29:00 AM PDT

TPM Muckracker has an itemized list of Ann Coulter's supposed plagiarism, and sorry to say, there's not much there.

Coulter is a lot of things, but it doesn't look like plagiarism is one of them.

Update: Josh Marshall:

To me personally, some of the examples/accusations seem strained -- simply similar statements of the same basic facts. And sometimes there are only so many ways to describe one set of facts. In other cases the similarities of the wording strike me as hard to see as a coincidence. Especially when there seem to be multiple instances of similarities in the same column coming from the same source.

What these examples show is that Coulter is a lazy writer who rips off other people's research, but stealing someone else's arguments isn't "plagiarism". It's just being a lazy, unimaginative writer."

Yes, I'd agree that all that is pretty self-serving on Micah's part, as he's "liberally (npi) translated AP and Reuters story and could also be described as "a lazy, unimaginative writer," but then again, who couldn't?!

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