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The India bombings

I haven't mentioned this yet because at times like this I don't know what the hell to say. And even if I did, this dumb-ass blog doesn't even seem like the appropriate vehicle for it.

But that's okay. My friend and fellow Jerseyite DBK, with whom I often disagree but always respect, has said everything that need be said.

It's a terrible tragedy that reminds us of all the similar terrible tragedies. We may disagree on the way in which to destroy the people and organizations that commit these horrendous murders, but there is no disagreement among good people when it comes to this: the people and organizations that commit such horrendous acts must be destroyed.

Amen, my friend.


A big part of the problem is that we've failed to define THE ENEMY in this global "war on terrorism."

It's certainly NOT only al Qaeda, it's not even merely "radical Islam," it IS ANYONE who adheres to and advocates Sharia Law, which, among other abominations, considers all non-Muslims to be "dhimmis" (pronounced zim-ees).

Under Sharia Law a Muslim can kill a dhimmi (Christians and Jews, as "people of the Book" are worth 1/16th the life of a Muslim and all others are worth 1/50th the life of a Muslim) and pay only a small fine, and any businesses run by dhimmis must be marked (this is where Nazi Germany got the idea of mandating Jews to wear the Star of David on their clothing).

Sadly and shamefully, the vast majority of Muslims adhere to and advocate Sharia Law, so we ARE, in effect, in a "world war against the forces of traditional Islam," for it IS traditional Islam that is "Militant or radical Islam.

It WASN'T al Qaeda that conducted "the rape of Darfur," it wasn't al Qaeda that initiated the genocide in Kosovo and it isn't al Qaeda who now conducts the war against the Hindus over Kashmir - IT'S traditional "Sharia Law believing" Muslims.

That must be made clear, the enemy must be made clear and brought into focus...and ultimately this enemy must be eradicated.

I'm glad the DBK said what he did, because there IS no other way to deal with this threat.

That's probably why FBI Director Fox (back in 1993) said the American Criminal Justice system is inadequate to deal with the menace of international terrorism.

In the midst of the outrage over these new bombings in India, it may be a good time to reflect on the incredible INAPPROPRIATENESS of one of the proposed 9/11 Memorials, the one for Flight 93 (in PA), shaped like an Islamic cresecent, with a bisector that actually points to Mecca, the way a Mosque's Mihrab is designed to!



That's not a crescent, it's a croissant.

Well, then that makes a big difference...OK, at least a little difference, since we don't like France all that much either.

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