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Moonbats and "net neutrality"

Lefty bloggers who by-and-large champion "net neutrality" had a field day recently with Ted Stevens' embarrassing explanation of how the internet works on the Senate floor.

As near as I can tell, their logic seems to go as follows:

  1. Congress lacks a thorough understanding of technological issues. *
  2. Therefore we must ensure that Congress acts with all due haste to regulate the internet.

Moreover, they seem convinced they are standing up for the "little guy" by joining the debate on the side of software titans Microsoft, Google and Yahoo. Welcome to the strange and wonderful world of Moonbatus Americanus, I guess.

For my part, I'm happy that the internet has thus far remained remarkably (and miraculously) free of regulation. Before we allow Congress to go off half-cocked and impose a regulatory "solution," I'd at least like to wait until the supposed problem actually presents itself. Doesn't seem like too much to ask, IMO.

* A point I readily concede.


Lets all e-mail jerky Ted Stevens and ask him where we can get a copy of our own personal internet.

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