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Winds of change

There's a storm a-brewin'. The number of "Corzine sucks" hits for this site is skyrocketing.

BTW, on an unrelated topic, props to Jill for the best headline of the day, regarding the untimely demise of everyone's favorite potato chip heir:

   Ken Lay Avoids Jail


Easy for me to say, since I'm not dealing with the shut-down, but I have to give Corzine credit (I hate to say that) for ONE thing, taking on the corrupt Party Boss system in that State.

George Norcross earlier said something like, Corsine's in my pockets just as any other NJ politician is and since then Corzine's office has reportedly not answered any of Norcross's calls.

If this is a showdown between Norcross and his fiefdom and Corsine's attempt to break that system, I hope the Boss system goes into extinction.

That State produced at least one political genius (Brett Schundler), any state that doesn't take advantage of a great mind like Schundler's deserves what they get.

Schundler's forgotten more great ideas than Corzine and the other political hacks around there will ever have.

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