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9/11 was an inside job!

As my friend Soobee would say, I have no words.

(Hat tip: Jonah)


Don't laugh, Barry, there's some good scientific experimentation going on there. I've been doing some experiments of my own using styrofoam and some old Moonraker models.

Can someone do an experiment to tell us what is the predicted IQ of Dumbya?

I just have to laugh

dammit this is science man! don't make fun.

the entire conspiracy is being blown by this genius.

Well, I'm a LIHOP adherent, but this is right up there with Bob Barr shooting watermelons in his yard to "prove" Vince Foster was murdered.

There are limits to even MY tinfoil chapeau.


A chickenwire cage and a cup full of kerosene prove hundreds of structural engineers wrong?

Some folks (like this guy) are just too stupid to live. Thank God for the autonomic nervous system, or he might forget to breathe.

There are any number of reports including the FDNY’s Deputy Chief (retired) Vinnie Dunn’s (author of “The Collapse of Burning Buildings”) report http://vincentdunn.com/wtc.html
that has been criticized for some over-simplifications by some structural engineers.

When the fuel-laden 767s hit the Towers, they sliced into the buildings, shearing many of the main structural supports of these Core Buildings and knocking off much of the sprayed on fire insulation from the others.

Jet fuel burns very hot (over 3,000 degrees) and fires over 1,000 degrees routinely warp, bend and shrink steel girders. They do it in fires in large H-type buildings and apparently did the same here.

In a Core Building, the WTC was built to NY State NOT NY City codes and State codes allowed for Core Buildings with most of the structural supports, along with all the elevators, HVAC, electric, plumbing and compactor shuts situated in the central core of that building.

Once the supports around that central core were compromised beyond a certain point, the effected (upper) floors would collapse once their supports were degraded. Even one floor crashing down on the floor below it creates a powerful IMPACT LOAD that it is not designed to take.

Most buildings can take a partial collapse of given floor, but few, if any can withstand the impact load of an entire floor, let alone multiple floors crashing down and creating a powerful impact load.

In the north tower, the top twenty floors collapsed onto the other eighty-plus floors and each floor, in succession, unable to support the additional impact load, pancake collapsed onto the next floor and the next, on down to the ground. In the South tower, the top thirty-plus floors collapsed onto the remaining sixty-plus floors, pancake collapsing that building as well.

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