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For the first time in ages, it looks like I have a valid reason to vote for the GOP.

If Republicans retain control of the House in November, Rep. Charles Rangel will quit.


Wow, that could make even me to vote for the GOP!! I can not stand Rangel. However, I dont believe he would ever quit.

Honestly, Blue, I'm skeptical myself. The link the NY Post doesn't work, and I read the post in print this morning and saw no reference to that quote.

And even if Rangel did say it, it's probably just one of those empty promises, like Alec Baldwin leaving the USA.

Well, Alec Baldwin I like. Sorry, we disagree on him but we agree on Rangel.

I didn't say I didn't like him, just that he made empty promises. But okay, I guess I don't like him.

But okay, I guess I don't like him

I know, it's obvious. He is too liberal for you :)

Is he going to live with Alec Baldwin in Canada?

Damn it, Barry beat me to it.

Charlie did indeed say it but given that he is a pathological liar, he will deny it.

In truth, I believe he said he would not run for re-election in 2008.

Wow, now there's a silver lining if Rove pulls off a late October surprise!

I'm tempted to cheer "Go Rove, Go!"

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