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A more conservative House?, Part II

Here's more evidence that Robert Novak might be right.


Yes, liberalism is dead. Repugs will lose for not being the conservatives they claimed to be. Eventually we will elect true conservatives, not phoney fascist punks like Chimp & Cheney.

After the Democrats gravitate back to the middle, the looney liberal extremists will be left without representation, as it should be.

Nobody wants gay marraige. Nobody wants to support lazy people. Nobody wants Mexicans invading our country.

Unfortunately, the last one is the most important, but I fear it will be too late before our dumbass government acts. All they have to do is squirt out 10 kids once they break into our country, and those kids are Americans. It's probably already too late.

I suspect that Democratic "conservativism" is just a Halloween disguise. In November the masks come off.

I wonder. If the Dems go crazy and start acting like the Repugs, trying to impeach Bush and having endless Starr "investigations" ad naseum when nobody cares, they will be sealing their own defeat.

No wait, the Repug WON BIG after doing all that.

Let the games begin!

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