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Joe Lieberman as Obi-Wan Kenobi

The Kos/MoveOn axis struck Lieberman down, but he just may become more powerful than they could possibly imagine... to coin a phrase.

New York Observer's Kornacki writes, before the election "Lieberman really didn't have a choice" on whether he'd vote with Dems but "next Tuesday, Lieberman will be in a position to name his price." GOPers "certainly have reason to make a run at him" but ultimately Dems "have the advantage in any bidding war" for Lieberman's loyalties since, if they win a majority, "they're fully prepared" to hand him the chairmanship of the Homeland Security Cmte. "The only thing that seems certain" is that Lieberman "is going to be left with more power and influence than ever before - wherever his party loyalties lie." A closely divided Senate would give Lieberman "unique clout: the ability to leverage his tie-breaking independence on vote after vote for -- well, just about anything on his wish list." After being rejected by Dems in the primary and opposed by some colleagues in the general, "his wont to go against his party on crucial votes is likely to become only more pronounced." CT voters, "far from sending mixed signals," will have used this election "to create their own national power-broker"


As a member of the Kos/MoveOn axis, let me assure you that fighting Lieberman was the best move ever for the democrats. Lieberman is worse than republicans, because he has been a reinforcer and a rubber stamp of the disastrous Iraq war, while being able to claim that he is a "democrat".

Yeah Blue, I "get" that. But the point is this: you're still going to be stuck with him in the Senate. Moreover, because of his lone-gun status, and the very evenly divided senate we'll be facing next year, both parties will be bidding high for Lieberman's loyalty. He'll end up with more power, clout and influence than he ever would have had before.

I'm not so sure I'd be crowing about getting this suckup-to-the-highest-bidder self-serving asshole. Holy Joe is out for one person: Holy Joe. He's a disgrace to the Senate, a disgrace to the Democrats, a disgrace to the Republicans, and a shandeh far di goyim.

Holy Joe is out for one person: Holy Joe. He's a disgrace to the Senate, a disgrace to the Democrats, a disgrace to the Republicans

Well said. But I am not sure he already won the election. Lets wait until Tuesday. Dont be shocked if he loses. That race is extremely volatile, and there are other factors in that election that could turn it either way. This moment it looks that he will be re-elected but by Tuesday night he may be all of the sudden an ex-senator.

> I'm not so sure I'd be crowing...

I'm not "crowing," and I don't think we'll "get" him. I don't like the guy, but I do enjoy watching Kos's strategy backfire. :-)

Don't be crazy. Joe will get the Repug vote and much of the Dem vote for bringing home the Pork (but not eating it himself).

As I immediately predicted right after he lost the nomination, Joe will still win the election.

I wonder if Lamont loses, he will again be surrounded by Kos, Jackson and Sharpton as he was during his primary night victory statement?

I wonder if all the conservatives who win will be surrounded by Jack Abramoff, Gayboys Haggard and Foley, Duke Cunningham in his jail stripes, indicted DeLay, and the other smug hypocrites of the religious right.

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