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Strange dream

Last night's dream was this: My wife and I were eating dinner at an outdoor restaurant overlooking the ocean. Without warning, the water level dropped 10 or 20 feet. In the confusion that followed, black helicopters began landing on the beach, part of the vanguard of an occupying force that would overthrow our government. The newspaper the next day announced the coup, and contained the headline: "Mayor: 'Have Hope,'" echoing the words of Admiral Adama.

Seems pretty straightforward to me. The drop in water level presages the Democratic tsunami that will sweep Republicans from power. The helicopters are the Democrats seizing the reins of power. The "mayor," of course, is Rudy Giuliani, who waits in the wings to undo the "coup."

My political dreams tend to be fairly transparent. On the other hand, I'm not a professional. It could actually represent a repressed homosexual fantasy, for all I know.


Did have you mushrooms for dinner?

The water level dropping represented American freedoms under assault by Chimp/Shooter.

The black helicopters were obviously the possibility that at any time Chimp can, without oversight or a day in court, label you an "enemy combatant" and then kidnap you, torture you, and put you in a dungeon for life.

The "mayor" of course, giving hope, is the Democratic Party.

Sometimes a black helicopter is just a black helicopter.

I think its pilot might have been smoking a cigar....

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