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October surprise?

October's come and gone, and gone with it is all the Halloween candy in our house except for a single Gummy ™ severed finger. So where was Karl Rove's widely anticipated "October surprise" that lefty bloggers have been wringing their hands about for months on end? Didn't happen, I guess. Just like it didn't happen the last time they predicted it.

Don't get me wrong, there were plenty of October surprises this past month. There were the leaked Foley IM's, the leaked NIE assessment, the bogus Lancet study, State of Denial, and so on. Problem is, none of them were Rove's handiwork. They all came from the other side.

Nor is this year atypical. 2004 saw the release of the infamous (and bogus) TANG documents, as well as screaming, pre-election headlines about a huge missing weapons cache at Al Qaqaa. In 2000, it was the last-minute revelation of Bush's DUI charge. In 1992, it was the Casper Weinberger indictment. You get the idea.

The October surprise is the M.O. of the Democratic political machine, and it is the Democrats who have elevated it to an art form. Kind of makes you wonder why they spend so much time worrying about Republican surprises that, more often than not, never materialize. I think in the mental health profession they call this "projection."


That Karl Rove really is a genius. He somehow got John Kerry to dress up on Halloween and play the part of October Surpise.

I'll never know how he managed this. It is a testament to his amazing skills.

Did he zap Kerry's brain from afar? Did he hypnotize him?

Yes, we know Rove was behind it, even Kerry says so!

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