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Someone I neglected

I somehow neglected to mention Michael Steele in my (short) list of candidates I'll be pulling for tonight. I'd like to see him win, but he probably won't.


That might be the upset of the night. He's very impressive, for sure. And not a Bush-bot, which is nice to see.

Steele is not that different from Allen or Talent. He is a pro-war and anti-stem cell research. He will be defeated today. I made sure I called all my relatives and friends in MD (there are quite a few) and I was happy to find out that noone will be voting for him. Including a republican close friend.

Repugs are doomed more than I thought. My polling place was jammed. It is usually empty. Even presidential elections don't have this kind of crowd.

Record turnout in my area mean only one thing -- goodbye Repug traitors.

> ...goodbye Repug traitors.

Jim Jeffords?

I voted at 7am...the line stretched at least 40 or 50 inches from the sign-in desk, resulting in a wait of more than 45 seconds.

Jim Jeffords?

LOL. I think Chaffee will also come our way if he gets elected.

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