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Today's "Nixon in China" moment

Speaking of Lollapelosi, it looks like Madam Speaker wants to make the practice of "earmarking" a bit more trasnparent. No longer would the Don Youngs of the world be able to hide anonymously behind their "bridges to nowhere." If you're going to shovel the pork back home to your district, then at least be man enough to put your name on the budget item.

This seems like a positive, no-brainer first step to me, and I hope she follows through. Some conservatives will no doubt complain that such measures are cynically calculated window dressing, contrived to craft an aura of "reform" around the new Congress that perhaps may be undeserved.

Well, those people may be right. Regardless, it's a good thing to do. Republicans didn't do it, and they should have. If the Democrats do it, regardless of the reasons, that's a good thing too, and they will deserve credit for it. Let's wait and see whether it happens.


"In the 2004 Defense Appropriations bill, Congressman Murtha inserted earmarks valued at more than $20 million for at least ten KSA Consulting clients..."

Pelosi doesn't seem to have a problem with the ethically-challenged (see Abscam sting tape), pork-happy ex-Marine, Barry.

Looks as if you may have to become an independent!

> Looks as if you may have to become an independent!

Mal, please note that I never promised to change my registration to "Democrat." ;-)

But you're right, Barry. If Pelosi et al keep their promises (and their impeachment pitbulls on a leash) we're going to see a Democratic majority for a couple of years.

Hey, that Murtha pork has allowed me to survive as a programmer in the only industry still available to Americans: the military.

I can't be outsourced.

Too bad for the other 98% of programmers.

Funny how JMK said that it was the Dems who allowed all our work to go to foreigners, but it is BUSH out pushing "free trade" while Dems are speaking out against "losing American jobs".

Go Murtha!

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