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Is it just me?

Or are Time's "Person of the Year" getting lamer and lamer?


Do you think they spent the night drinking and smoking (not tobacco) and then decided the heck with it?
"You are the "Person of the Year", dude!"
"No, you are, dude!"
"Dude! Let's make "YOU" it!"


Yeah, they took a pass because of PC, in my view.

I can't wait to find out which perks I get for this fantastic but long overdue honor. I'm hoping I can score six-figure speaking engagements around the country now.

I resent that, Barry. Time chose me as Person of the Year. I am very honored and flattered by this and do not think it is lame at all. Just because they didn't pick you, you're jealous. Well nuts to you.

I intend to wear my crown with dignity and justice for all. I will use my crown for good and to bring world peace to everyone, but especially to the children. And bunny rabbits. Also, I am confident that the pictures from my lesbian photo shoot will never be published so you don't have to worry about me resigning in disgrace like Vanessa Williams and Donald Rumsfeld. This award isn't a tribute to just me, however. It is a tribute to America, where any little boy can grow up to be Time's Person of the Year. And don't let me forget my mother and father and, of course, my dear, dear wife, without whom none of this would have been possible. Finally, thank you to the little people, Mickey Rooney, Herve Villachez, and Billy Barty, for all they've done.

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