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Wow, I've just noticed...

... that the less I post, the more my hit count goes up.

I think I may be onto something here.


Well, yes, we stop by. But if no one is home we don't stay.
(On my way to drop in on Tammy and Michelle and MaryKat.)

If you would just shut the hell up entirely, the server might be overwhelmed. by the traffic. You could wind up passing Malkin's traffic. Plus, if you never posted anything at all, you would make a thousand times more sense than Malkin.

I'm not as hot as she is, I'm afraid.

Now don't read anything into this, 'cause I ain't arranged that way, but if'n I was arranged that way, from my perspective you are much hotter.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

...so NOW you are into machismo? 'I'm not gonna say anything and let the chicks crawl over me, cuz I'm quiet and...'? kinda thing?

May Mrs B...um..say sumink..let it be 'swift and quick'. ;)

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