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Horse trading in the House

I'm not sure what I think about this yet (I'll listen to Rush Limbaugh later today and adopt his opinion as my own) but it's certainly interesting.

The new Democratic majority, in the first months of the new Congress, is expected to take up a bill that would increase the voting membership of the House from 435 to 437, giving new vote each to Utah, a Republican stronghold, and the District of Columbia, dominated by Democrats.

There's no doubt that D.C. residents are getting screwed, and I guess this proposal is as reasonable a way to redress that as any. But is it going to fly?

This probably won't be a slippery slope toward representation for Guam and Puerto Rico, since these territories don't pay income taxes, but the Utah bit seems potentially problematic. I understand why it's thrown in there, of course. Without it, the bill would amount to "give the Democrats another vote in the House" and would be DOA. But still, doesn't it seem a bit arbitrary? Surely Utah isn't the only state that thinks it got shafted in the last census? It'll be interesting to see how this one plays out.


You said you were going to wait what Rush tells you to think, then you go ahead and start blabbering opinions. Please...wait for Rush. (Get the ironic nature of that phrase? I just noticed it....WAIT for RUSH. Bwaaa ha ha hahaha!!!!!!!!)

I'm pretty sure Utah is scheduled for an upgrade anyway, so they're probably just thinking they'll move it up a few years.

Of course, I'll have to wait to hear what Rush says about this before I commit myself to an opinion.

Alas! Limbaugh didn't mention it today so I can offer no opinion.

Maybe tomorrow!

I caught a few minutes of Limbaugh consoling some loser Repug who was depressed that they were shitkicked out of power by the real Americans.

This woman realized just how close they had been to having their fascist dreams realized by the dictator Chimp. They were so close to ending all civil rights, banning all abortion, and erecting giant crucifixes in all government offices.

Funny, he said EXACTLY what JMK has been squawking on this board: those Democrats weren't *really* Democrats! They at least pretended to be conservatives!

Well JMK & Rush, at least they pretend, unlike the Borrow & Spend Repug thieves who are now applying at Halliburton.

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