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What do the Senate rules say about this?

It appears that Ted Kennedy is moonlighting as a caption writer for CNN.


Come on Barry....You know that Ted Kennedy made a mistake. I am not sure that the same applies to CNN. They have people checking for mistakes like that....

You may be right (and wouldn't that be news? :-) ) I have a slight acquaintance with a former staffer of Obama's. Not to tell tales out of school, but Obama's outspokenness has led to his being called on the carpet by senior Senators more than once. He is not entirely loved because of his inability to follow the protocols of seniority.

Ted Kennedy makes more such mistakes than Dan Quayle and G W Bush combined!

The guy's a stumbling, bumbling, wet-brain at this point, not to mention a disgrace to the anti-Communist (anti-Liberal, in today's parlance) legacy of his brothers John and Robert (who proudly served along with Roy Cohn as part of Joe ("Tailgunner Joe") McCarthy's anti-Communist crusade in the 1950s.

Why aren't you posting about Bush suddenly realizing (just as Democrats take control) that, why LOOK! Look at all all that PORK SPENDING! Oh, that has to stop RIGHT NOW!

Only congressional republicans were drunker than Ted Kennedy when it came to busting the budget (robbing taxpayers) through pet projects. Only unlike Democratic pork, the money was funneled straight into the hands of their ultra-rich friends without employing the American Workers so hated by the GOP.

I'm cynical enough to wonder if this "goof" wasn't as intentional as Lindsay's flashing. The endless press apologizing keeps his name in the news.

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