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State of the Union

I doubt I'll be watching. I got bored just reading the bullets..


You shouldn't make fun...preparing a speech like that is "hard work"

We're supposed to conserve gasoline over the next 10 years? I thought our Veep called conservation 'a personal virtue'? And I thought we were energy-rich? And after deriding increased auto fuel efficiency, now he wants to push it? Amazing. 5+ years after 9/11 clearly exposed our vulnerability to and overdependency on Mid-east oil sources, and 5+ years after a united country would've heartily rallied around strong calls for these types of measures, Bush finally gets to it?

Chimp has recently discovered a lot of things, such as "spying on Americans without oversight is illegal" and "torturing enemies violates the Geneva Conventions" and on and on, and so on.

It's almost like he is afraid of being impeached for high crimes and ... well, more high crimes.

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