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Blogging from Pearl Harbor

...just so I can say I did it.

See y'all soon. (Sticks tongue out at Mal.)


What does Hawaii got that New Jersey don't got? Mountains? We got em. Ocean? We got it. Surfing? We have a town named Surf City!

I mean.. if you want to go on a long plane ride.. I understand.. but I'm going bird watching in the Meadowlands.

If you're on the North Shore don't miss Giovanni's shrimp truck. It's a rinky dink looking thing but the shrimp are excellent. Fresh from the surrounding shrimp farms.
Top it off with an ice cold coconut drink and you're in heaven.

Another site on Oahu that shouldn't be missed is Hanauma Bay. It's a huge reef full of tropical fish and sea turtles. I spent half a day there snorkeling. It was one of my favorite spots the entire trip.


Turning Leaf Merlot compared to the 1957 Petrus. What's the Petrus got that the Turning Leaf doesn't? Both are red wines. Both were made from grapes. Both come in bottles. Both have corks in them.

And both can get you drunk! EXACTLY!

Don't forget to make a big deal out of the ABUSES OF THE PATRIOT ACT that have recently come to light.

JMK has often squawked that there was NO ABUSE. I said there was no abuse we KNEW ABOUT, because it's all secret!

I was right again, and JMK was wrong again.

Zilla, does Giovanni's sell beer?

Gotta know Barry's priorities!

Lol - no beer Mal, but I don't think they'd mind if you popped one open right there. Afterwords you can walk across the road and hop in the clearest blue water I've ever seen.

For some beer I'd recommend heading down to Waikiki to Duke's Canoe Club - right on the water....paradise


Good wine never gets one drunk. It elevates the spirit, enlivens the mind, improves the circulation, enhances the food, and makes everyone your friend...

...till you sober up.

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