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Cue Mal to make some crack about how I take more vacations than our president, but I'll be gone for a week, starting tomorrow, and won't be back until Monday of the following week. I'm going to Hawaii, which is apparently part of the United States. I may or may not have internet access while I'm there, but I'm going to assume the worse until I find out otherwise. Don't spam me while I'm gone, Viagra and gay porn salesmen!! Time out!


To which Island in Hawaii you are going? My favorite is Kauai.

P.S. You are going to the nicest of the blue states

The big island and Oahu, although I don't know the particulars, since the wife is the social planner of the family. But I'll know when I get back. Glad you approve, BTW. :-)

Have a great trip. :o)

Since, apparently, Mal won't say it: Must be nice to be able to take a vacation every two - three weeks.

Anyway: Aloha and bring us back some souvenirs!

Hey, it's been at least a month since your last vacation so I can only imagine how run down you've been!

Seriously, have a wonderful time, Barry!

Loved Hawaii. Been there twice. Oahu, Big Island, and Maui. Stayed at Kapalua and played two of the Kapalua courses. Hope you're a golfer because the courses there are great.

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