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Body count

No matter who wins the next presidential election, I hope they don't have one of these. Right or wrong, our two most recent presidents have been the most hated of my lifetime (and I lived through Nixon) and they have, for various reasons, inspired their enemies to produce such damned nonsense as the Clinton and Bush "Body Counts."

They're both equally stupid, of course. But this Bush body count? Pathetic. Hell, I could do a better job. Does no one ever update this fricken site? 7653 Iraqi civillian casualties? That number's a joke. Haven't they heard about the latest Lancet study that scientifically confirmed 900 million trillion jillion Iraqi dead? And what of Molly Ivins? A tireless Bush critic who very conveeeeeeniently just happens to die of "breast cancer?" A coincidence? I think not.


There is one positive thing I can say about all of the people Bush killed pursuing profit in Iraq: at least he was killing muslims, mostly anyway.

Idiot Clinton actually helped the murdering, lying muslims butcher even more Christians. We should have been helping the Serbs.

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