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I do the Full Monty

Just kidding! I mean the Full Windsor. (Such wit! How is it that this site has not yet been named Blog of the Century? Truly there is no justice.)

Anyway, on the rare occasions when I wear a necktie, I use the Full Windsor knot. It took a while to master the technique, but master it I did, and I can make a pretty mean-looking knot. I never thought there was anything special about this, I just thought that was the way people tied ties. I was aware that other knot styles existed, but I never bothered to learn any of them, because I like the symmetry of the Windsor.

Then I saw this in Saturday's Wall Street Journal, under the headline "Big Knots Return." Well I don't know about that; I think that if you make the knot tight enough, the Windsor doesn't necessarily have to be particularly "big."

More interesting to me, though, was reading about this knot as if it were something new or rare. I learned for the first time that most Americans today use the "four in hand" knot. Who knew? Had I known this was the de facto standard, I'd probably have given it a shot. One problem I do have with the Windsor is that I'm fairly tall, and the knot uses up a lot of cloth. Consequently, unless I'm very careful, my tie will come out too short.

But no need to change now, I guess. Evidently I'm on the vanguard of fashion or something. And not only that, but tie makers are beginning to add an inch or so in extra length as the Windsor gains in popularity, which is great news for me.

Once again, I've proven to be miles ahead of the syle curve. Below are some instructions for tying the Windsor if you want to be cool like me.


I haven't worn a Windsor in 25 or 30 years, not since big knots went out of style. Funny thing is, this weekend I came across my high school senior year ID. My school required jackets and ties for all students except seniors, who had permission to substitute a sweater for the jacket. Anyway, there I was with a Windsor knot that was nearly the size of the head above it. Mrs DBK remarked on how big the knot was, though it was her sister who had to make the unkind remarks about how much hair that young guy had (the photo is 31 years old...she probably looked better 31 years ago too but I was polite enough not to mention it).

Neckties are nothing more than expensive nooses (just like suits are expensive pajamas)...whoever popularized ties, or continues to champion them, ought to be shot.

The necktie is of military origin according to Wikipedia:

Huh. My dad wears the Windsor too. And that's the only way I know how to tie a tie because of it. Actually, I've tied ties for friends with sons using that knot. And you're right, it doesn't have to be a big knot. I love the knot thought that has the little dimples. I have no idea what that is called, but it looks nice.

Your dad is cool. It's the only knot I know, too. Most of the others look "lopsided" to me. Not sure what you mean about the dimples. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for that.

Who knew there were so many ways to tie a necktie.

I think my preferred method is known as the "Half Windsor":


Hey fred, there are always "clip-ons". ;-)

I prefer paint-ons.

I prefer the half windsor, mainly when I'm all harlot-ed up, I usually take longer than most of the opposite, fairer sex, so half's quicker. That, and I never learned the full. But barry, I think by dimples K meant the one formed in the tie itself right below the knot. Or I'm blowing steam out my ass. Either way.

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