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Elmo in a casket

Some things you only see in New York.


Poor Elmo! His voice isn't that annoying. Although, have you ever actually held a tickle me elmo? Those things are scary!

His voice becomes annoying when your 2 yr old continually squeezes him and causes the voice to be heard over and over and over and over and over and over....

No, but I've held a furbie.

BTW, didn't I see a disturbing Youtube video recently where someone set fire to a giggling Elmo?

No. And that's just wrong. Barney on the other hand...I had a housemate junior year who used to sing that stupid song all day long. All day long. For months.

Was Howard K. Stern in the room when Elmo died?

Here's the link...

There should be a St. Elmo's Fire joke in there somewhere, but I'm just to tired to find it...


It's the new "Bury Me" Elmo.

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