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Other things you only see in New York

I guess I should invest in one of those newer cell phones that actually take decent quality pictures.


Baz - I didn't realize you had real brickface in your living room :)

Good one, Zilla!

That was a real good one! We all expect a response from Barry now.

Heh heh, I guess he must have put that up after my last visit.

My wife is the artist in the family. I think she's trying to tell me something.

Actually, in some places those would be welcome signs.

For years I worked in the shadow of a set of buildings called River Park Towers in the Bronx, overlooking the Harlem River, with the Roberto Clemente Center right below them.

Passing them on the Major Deegan, you could easily mistake them for luxury high rises, but when I worked in that area, we went to lots of fires in those buildings.

They were built to state and not city codes, so they were "core buildings" - elevators, HVAC, electrical cables and compactors all set in a center core, so that applying water to a compactor fire could often short out the elevators...bad news.

The worst thing about both the elevators and the stairwells in those buildings was the strong smell of urine and feces in both. It was an overpowering stench that made those buildings seem like something out of Dante's Inferno.

Almost all the housing projects in the area had the same problem - people walking their dogs inside the building, and kids being jerks, etc?

I don't know, but that stench was something you'd remember if you ever worked or lived in any of those buildings.

I'm not really sure such signs would do any good, but they'd be a welcome sight, an indication that somebody cares.

P.S. Barry, your wife's a great artist!

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