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"We fight them in Iraq so we won't have to fight them here"

I'll confess that the logic behind that soundbite had never been especially convincing to me in the past. Lately, however, I've come to see that it makes absolutely perfect sense as a foreign policy -- for Iran.


Ohhh. Is that who that was for?

I have a more accurate slogan:

"We fight them in Iraq, because that's where the oil is!"

Halliburton and the Military/Industrial complex have sucked trillions out of working America's pockets, most of it "disappearing" somehow.

Where is the rebuilt Iraq? Why are we still there? Ah, we have to stay so that the puppet government can ink those obscenely profitable deals with American oil companies!

So, let's see: Iran might build a whole nuke! Wow, I guess our 10,000 GPS controlled hardened laser-guided ICBMs launched from silos, nuclear subs, or aircraft aren't going to deter those suicidal Iranians! We are spending trillions more to build a missile defense system to stop even that one puny nuke from hitting us.

Are these real threats? No. Are they incredibly profitable scare tactics? Yes.

Billionaires have to eat, you know!

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