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"Fuck" (A worrisome sign)

I've been a loyal XM radio subscriber for a couple of years now. I've got one in my house and one in my car, and I listen to streaming audio through the internet while at work. I've been worried about the pending XM/Sirius merger because I chose XM for a reason, and I'm scared that the union will move the entire center of gravity closer to the lowest common denominator.

Today I got a letter from XM that tried to reassure me, and tell me everything was going to be just great. I'd like to believe them, but a recent experience involving Alanis Morissette gave me pause. About a week ago I heard her singing "You Oughta Know" while driving around town.

(Now at this point I feel the need to explain why I was listening to Alanis Morissette in the first place. Normally I would have changed the channel, of course, but I was in the middle of trying to parallel park without spilling my beer, so I just didn't have a free hand.)

Anyway, it got to that lyric that goes "Are you thinking of me when you fuck her", or words to that effect. Heh. Anyway, they obscured the word "fuck," and I'm like, "WTF??" It wouldn't have grabbed my attention so if it weren't for the fact that I've regularly heard the word "fuck" on XM for years now. It's one of XM's many charms. Hell, Steve Earle has a song that's little else, and I've heard him perform it live in XM studios.

So what's the deal? I was vaguely troubled, but put it out of my mind. And then this afternoon during my commute home, she started singing it again. I didn't change the channel. In the interest of science, I persevered... they did it again! They fuzzed it out.

Fuck! What's the deal? Perhaps it's just some damned FCC nonsense that says you can use "Fuck" as an adjective or expletive, but not a verb? Yet somehow, I fear the worst. I fear it's yet another instance of satellite radio becoming closer and closer to commercial radio. First commercials started creeping in, and now this. Fuck.

If someone can say anything to help me feel better, I'd appreciate it.



Feel better?

Much, thanks.

That is weird. I think there was something about usage as verb or adjective a while back. And then I think the FCC reversed itself and decided to be all James Dobbs-y about it. But I wouldn't think that that would affect XM since it's more like HBO than Z100? Are you sure the channel you were on didn't change formats to be whatever the radio equivalent of PG-13 is?

Oh, and Happy Easter. :-)

I don't know about making you feel any better, but I have a suggestion. Cancel the XM/Sirius or whatever and buy one of those multi disc CD players and listen to all the undedited songs you want.

Yea, I know, go fuck myself. :)

What is the FCC doing policing the language used on the airwaves anyway? That's the job of the marketplace. If the public didn't want to see or hear the word "fuck" then they would vote with their wallets and that would be that.

Fuck the FCC with a chainsaw.

Yeah, fuck those nappy headed hos.

Barry, what channel did that happen on? A few of the music channels are shared with Clear Channel for domestic broadcasts elsewhere, so they play radio edits of some songs. If it was a channel like the 90s channel or Top Tracks, you would hear the radio edit. You would definitely hear her say "fuck" on XMU, Fred, Ethel, or Lucy.

And have you heard that Lionel has moved to Air America? He'll be on mornings 9-12.

Roger, thanks, I feel better now. And yes, I *did* hear that about Lionel. Interesting, yeah? When is he supposed to start?

Beginning of May, I believe.

I'm hoping that Pete Conlan from Beverly Hills will be with him, he definitely adds to the show.

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