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The great global warming debate

The global warming prophets of doom are fond of telling us that "the debate is over!" Not so, apparently, as it is to be held next week in the Russell Senate Office building between John Kerry and Newt Gingrich. Should be fun to watch, provided you don't take it too seriously.

But for pity's sake, why John Kerry? Did Exxon Mobil get to pick the debators? Seriously, where's Al Gore on all this?
For a man on a mission, he sure seems remarkably loath to appear before anything other than a friendly audience of the already converted.


I heard him on the radio last week. I guess he and his wife wrote a book about it and it's out right now (or will be really soon)? I had no idea it was an issue for him. I've lost track. Has he announced that he's not running?

Like Ponzi said, find a popular parade and jump in front of it.

Somehow the picture of a coneheaded clown like Kerry leading a parade, furiously pumping his drum major mace as he high steps down the street makes me laugh. He doesn't even need one of those huge fuzzy hats -- his real head is already the proper shape and size.

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