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John Edwards' pirate booty

I was going to Photoshop an eye patch on the above photo for this story, but I was too lazy, so just try imagine that he's wearing an eye patch, okay? And going "Arrrrrhhhhh" and stuff. You know, like a pirate.

Anyway, I'm less concerned about this booty than the booty Edwards is going to have his eye on if he gets elected, straps on the ol' cutlass and comes after my paycheck.

Actually, this story isn't really important at all. I just couldn't resist commenting on a news item that had "John Edwards" and "booty" in the headline.


This is about nothing unless the ship illegally invaded Spanish waters in finding the treasure.

As far as his supporting piracy, the definition of a pirate is that he robs at sea without commission from a sovereign nation. This ship was reportedly respecting American law and, if it was operating in International waters, then they were not engaging in piracy any more than those guys walking the beaches with metal detectors are.

Maybe if Edwards had gotten 4,000 or so young soldiers killed in the pursuit of his millions like Bush and Cheney, Barry would call it a "war" and praise the clever "naval maneuvers" of the Edwards fleet.

"Maybe if Edwards had gotten 4,000 or so young soldiers..." (BH)

Serious question; Who types all these words on the keyboard for you?

It's just that they're not doing you any favors.

It's like giving a guy suffering from cirrhosis a bottle of scotch every night, or bringing a bed-ridden 900 pounder a 3 pound box of choclates each morning.

It's just plain wrong, is all.

Really JMK? Then why are they dead? Were they after Osama Bin Laden? No. Was the "war on terror" in Iraq? No.

Bush murdered these young men to enrich his friends.

I thought booty was Clinton's thing.

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