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Idol update

Randy's wearing a confederate uniform, Paula's drunker than I am, and I liked Blake's first song better than Jordan's. All signs point to I should just bag it and watch Sunday's Sopranos on TiVo.


Have you watched enough to care one way or another? Was there a singer for whom you were particularly pulling? Because I missed 98% (exactly that much) of the show this year. I saw Sanjaya once (which was enough to realize that he was really not terribly good).

There were several. I really like Stephanie, and she got croaked out *way* too early. Liked Melinda a lot, but have really enjoyed watching Jordin blossom. She's definitely most improved, and, I think deserves to win. First ever non-Southern Idol -- unless you count Arizona as the South.

What did you think of their hair? Did you check on how much their haircuts cost? Very important to know that, you know. Tells you everything about their characters.

>Did you check on how much their haircuts cost?

Are Blake and Jordin vying to obtain the political power to raise my taxes because they pretend to care so goddamn much about the "poor?" Cuz if so, I'll look into it.

So was it a good result?

Well, I can see your point. I mean, if someone were trying to gain political power to raise your taxes, the price he pays for haircuts would certainly be a core matter in my understanding of his positions. Your logic is unimpeachable.

>So was it a good result?

Yeah, I think so. But it seemed like such a foregone conclusion I didn't bother to watch. ;)

Although this was a disappointing season overall for me, I think the final results were exactly right. The most original performer ever on the show and the teenager with the golden voice were the two finalists, and the golden voiced teenager won. America got it right this year.

I know that Melinda Doolittle was the best singer (perhaps ever on the show) but I never felt that she belonged on the show. She had over 10 years of professional recording experience when she entered the competition. Of course a professional is going to out-perform amateurs. What would be the point of the competition if a pro could just walk in and take it from everbody else?

BTW -- Stephanie Edwards was my early favorite as well. I don't think we've heard the last from her.

Stephanie Edwards? She's another pro. She's a wedding singer. And really doesn't sing any better than a wedding singer. Plus she employed a whole bunch of trademark wedding singer body language moves that started to drive me right up a wall right away. That "fling the head to the side" thing she did? Grrr! I wanted to break her neck so it just stayed over to the side for good. She had terrible on-stage habits and awful presence and her voice was mediocre.

Blake was original, but his voice is thin and can't be compared to Melinda's. As for Jordin, may I just say right now that I have despised that fake for weeks and weeks. In fact, I almost got caught up in this season, but about five weeks ago I stopped watching because I couldn't stand watching that middle linebacker perform, pulling faces every time she got a chance to mug at the camera. Yucch. Also, ewww.

The only one I would want to hear sing again is actually Doolittle. Felt that was since she did that amazing performance of Funny Valentine. That's probably because I am an old fart, but that's the way I feel about it.

Stephanie Edwards was 19 years old college student when she auditioned for Idol, so she couldn't have too much of a professional career.

Her voice is far above mediocre.

Remember that almost all of the Idol contestants are against the "war" and so they are communists. Nobody can be a winner when commies do the singing. I don't know why Fox airs a pinko commie show like Idol.

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