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Still a pro-gun Congress (and Bloomberg loses one)

I'm starting to like this new batch of congressional Democrats more and more. That's a good thing, because as I like Republicans less and less, it helps to have someone to turn to.

One reason the new Democratic freshman class is so cool is that many of them were moderates recruited from rural red states. The end result is a Democratic congress that's not prone to be taken in by every bit of anti-gun posturing to come down the pike.

But it wasn't only Democratic freshmen who helped keep Tiahrt in place. Committee Chairman David Obey was on board as well. And as an added bonus, the whole thing is a stinging defeat for Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who's now learning that just because he's New York City's Nanny-in-Chief doesn't mean the rest of the country is going to be as pliant and accommodating as his constituents east of the Hudson.

Heh For gun rights folks, this story is good news on almost too many levels to count. :-)


Schumer and Emmanuel have changed the Democratic Party, and in my view, they've changed it for the better.

ANd they did it in pretty much one felt swoop! After the 2006 Elections Conservative Dems swept to victory. To the point where today more than 20% of the Congressional Dems are "Blue Dog"/Conservative Dems...tomorrow, hopefully a lot more.

None of them, not Webb, Tester and McCaskill in the Senate and few, if any of the House Blue Dogs seem to have a "go along to get along" outlook.

Maybe this is "the curse of Zell Miller" coming back to haunt northeast Liberal Dems. Who knows?

Senator Schumer in his recent book Positively American spoke the unvarnished, unadulterated truth - The Democratic Party has been hopelessly liberal, shamefully liberal and liberal for far too long."

I say, THANKS Chuck! You make me glad I've remained a registered Democrat all these years."

I may one day be able to actually vote for a Democrat on the national level!

I believe....that would be a FIRST!

don't be blind...
the lap dog is in the house McCaskill is selling away gun rights as we speak in backing Obama...


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