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All right, I'm back

Thanks, guys. Had a great time, and I'm relieved I didn't miss out on much. Skippy, you're right, Maine does indeed rule. In fact, we're so hooked that the wife and I started looking at lakefront property while there. It's utter folly, I'm sure, but we're just hooked.

I learned some things during my two weeks away. For example, I've learned that my wife hates my Phil Ochs impersonation.

Anyway, I think I'm finally ready to start blogging again... tomorrow. ;-)


I was the first to send you off, let me be the first to welcome you back. Have you considered the climate up there? We live at a similar latitude, and during some winters we measure our snow by the yard.

Thanks, Paul. Where are you, by the way?

Anyway, 2 things. One, we're told by the locals that this part of Maine is near enough to the coastline to moderate the snowfall quite a bit. Secondly, if we were to buy it (big if) we wouldn't be using it as our year-round residence, at least not for the forseeable future.

Welcome back! Were you near the Acadia Mountains?

Michigan's lower peninsula looks like a left handed mitten. I live on the fingernail of the insult digit, a stone's throw from the "Big Mac" bridge.

Paul, got it. K, yes, very near there.

I was there once for a summer vacation and I remember it being beautiful. I can understand the temptation. :)

Welcome back. Did you bring us stuff? ;)

Maine's a great place!

A teacher from Portland had adopted our firehouse after 9/11, and I've stayed in touch with her and some of her students since then.

My wife and I went to Bar Harbor back in 2003 - GREAT whale watching, and went to Orchard Beach, outside Portland a couple years ago...it's a beautiful state. Awesome rocky beaches and old lighthouses.

Glad you're back though.

Rachel, send me your address and I'll send you some homemade blueberry jam. ;-)

JMK, I share your opinion.

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