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Happy Thanksgiving

Man, I don't know about the rest of you, but I can't wait to put myself into a tryptophan coma today. (Then maybe I'll eat a little turkey.) Happy Thanksgiving.



Where do you get the tryptophan to mainline?

I'm virtually alergic to the stuff...Turkey too, as well as sweet potatos, cranberry sauce, and most of the other Thanksgiving staples.

Thank God for football.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Hope you both had a great Thanksgiving!

I had Turkey, stuffing and a huge helping of an absess in me mouth...so sleep and antibiotics from the Turkey and an amber RX bottle. I Look like a chipmunk!

Happy Holidays guys!

JMK? Allergic to Turkey and the trimmings??? Oh no!

So what do you have for the holidays instead? :(

So have you recovered yet? :-)

I sincerely hope no one had to go shopping yesterday.

It's not a medical allergy Jane, but turkey is one of my least favorite foods, so are a lot of the rest of the Thanksgiving fare, although it's great in that it's all so intertwined with that Holiday. I had lasagna (my Mom's family is Italian), and I had to recover quickly because I worked Friday day & night and I'm working tonight and tomorrow day, as well.

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