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Jesse Jackson on Obama

During a recent phone call with my mom, she was talking about something or other that Oprah Winfrey had said on TV or radio that had got her somewhat agitated. She started going on about it, perhaps trying to agitate me as well. I interrupted and patiently explained that I don't give a damn what Oprah thinks or says about anything.

That's kinda how I feel about this story too. Seriously, why is this big news? It certainly won't damage the Obama campaign (if anything it'll help.) I suppose it could be theoretically damaging to Jackson himself, but really, c'mon. As I've said previously, the man is an ignoramus -- a complete and utter ass whose fifteen minutes mercifully expired decades ago. So while I did get a chuckle at the mental image of Jesse "ripping Obama's nuts out," is it really news what Jesse Jackson says or thinks about anybody?


The story is totally silly and I agree with you that it should not be news. But as you wrote, it only helps Obama. Significantly, in fact. So I dont mind it is out. It is kind of an equivalent hypothetical scenario in which Bush would be speaking terribly about McCain (although Jackson is a far more serious and respected person than Bush). It would only help McCain.

I don't think it means anything other than that Jesse Jackson is consumed with envy that Barack Obama got the opportunity he thinks he should have had. This isn't a surprise, but it is somewhat surprising that he hides it so badly. Unless he doesn't WANT to hide it, which is quite possible, but makes it no less pathetic.

It also shows that *gasp* black folk aren't always supporting each other and may see things differently. I know Jackson's a hack, but as an African-American, I can guarantee that it was somewhat stunning to "my people". Jackson may not be MLK, but he does carry political weight. A lot more than Al Sharpton. But 9 times out of 10 little will be said.

I don't know whether Jackson's wanting to "rip his nuts out" is going to do much to either "help" or "hurt" Obama.

Why would it?

All this incident shows is that both Jesse Jackson and Bill Clinton seem fully engaged in a bobsled race to the gutter, but is that at all surprising to anyone?

OK, I was a little surprised by the utter ham-handed clumsiness of Bill Clinton on his wife's campaign trail (maybe he didn't want her to win?), but given Jackson's longstanding penchant for bigoted insensitivity (remember "Hymietown?"), I didn't see much surprising here at all....UNLESS FoxNews sandbagged him and set him up with a hot mic he didn't know was live.

Now THAT would be an interesting and amusing story!

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