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Does the media care about blatant campaign fraud?

All right, so the idiot girl from Pittsburgh pulled a Morton Downey. Big surprise there. And just like I said yesterday, a huge chunk of the right-leaning blogosphere pissed away a whole news cycle flogging a story that, even if true, would have had no direct bearing on the principals of this presidential campaign. Happy now, guys?

Sigh. Anyway. Can we get back to actual news stories now please?

You know what I'd like to see? I'd like to see some so-called journalists in the MSM show some goddamn curiosity and do their jobs for a change. The official website of the guy who'll probably be our next president will happily process credit card contributions from "Bill Adama, 123 Caprica Way, B Galactica, NJ 12345" with no questions asked. (That's the address I used yesterday to make a test $20 contribution -- which was happily processed, much to my chagrin. Meanwhile, I recently struggled for about 20 minutes trying to make a legitimate contribution through McCain's campaign website because my zip code had recently changed from 07087 to 07086.)

Anyway, you'd think something like that would merit a little bit of looking into, don't you? I mean seriously? Oh well, I guess the media's too busy with the really important stuff, like trying to figure out what the RNC paid for Willow Palin's training bra. Welcome to Journalism, 2008. No wonder this guy's "ashamed" to call himself a journalist. I would be too.


Several people have already made test contributions to "The One", enough to carry my state maybe.
Maybe all you testers need to send documented proof to every available media outlet.
I'm sure they will get right on it.

The media is so owned by the liberal illuminati that they don't care, whatever get's them the win over McCain. It's pretty obvious.

Wah, wah, wah!

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