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Priorities, people, please!

While many of you right-wing bloggers are wasting precious time and energy on some sensational Drudge headline, the real story we should be focusing on is now languishing just when it was starting to gain some traction.

I feel badly for this girl, but at the end of the day it's a local police matter that has no direct bearing on Barack Obama or his campaign. Meanwhile, we've learned that not only can Mickey Mouse and Spider-Man register to vote, but they can also make campaign contributions directly on the campaign's official website!

I don't know exactly what happened in this mugging incident, and to a certain extent I don't really care. Even if she were deliberately targeted for her political views, or whether she staged the whole thing herself for attention, it's a sideshow. And guess what? We're in no position to be expended valuable time and energy trying to substantiate or debunk a sideshow.

Please, people, get some sense in your heads and focus on stuff that might actually matter.


I hadn't seen that until you brought that up.

I may be overly skeptical, but the picture I saw, didn't look like a knife wound...and why "B"?

I'm with you, Barry. That asshole could've done worse. Political or not, they need to catch the jerk.

And as far as people doubting her, here's what i wrote on Fausta's blog:

"for all you so-called experts over black eyes and knife cuts, who the *&^% are you? CSI? Did you perpetrate the crime?"

"Get a grip."

"How would you like it if YOUR daughter, sister, or wife was attacked and people doubted her? Innocent before proven Guilty. For BOTH parties."

I am very sickened and disturbed that people so determined to devalue this woman's incident. How do people suddenly know so much about crime?

I can guarantee that if she were an Obama supporter that supposedly got whacked by some weido Mc supporter, she would be on Olbermann's show, true or not.

And if it is false, both sides should just forget about it, esp Obamas. Le the police take care of it.The more the O's gloat, I believe the more people will vote for McCain Palin or at least not vote for O

Heh, great start to the focussing.

The blatant corruption of the Obama campaign is remarkable for both its open audacity and the ease of its success. If the running of his campaign is Obama's executive experience (his claim) then it doesn't bode well for the government of the USA.

Looking more like Venezuela every day.

Is that racist?

Turns out she's a LIAR, just like Joe (Sam) the (unlicensed) plumber who was worse (better) off under the Obama tax plan.


Bank survellience found no "dark skinned" man. The "B" allegedly carved into her face was a mirror image ... because ... yeah, she did it in a mirror.

What a racist, lying sack of shit. The perfect poster girl for the Repugs.

shove it, Barely.
My opinion still stands. Too many people were dismissive of this crime, which doesn't make them look perceptive, but hateful and arrogant. And they still do look that way to me. Everyone acting like a CSI wannabes made me sick.

I said it all last night, Innocent until proven guilty - both parties, accuser and accused.

if this was a black woman Obama fan who claimed a white man who was McCain fan did this to her, they would not have dealt with a polygraph test. Too un-PC. It would have been Duke Redux.

Still if the media wants to rub this in McCain's face, let them. I think they may be in for a hella surprize come the 4th. No one likes bullies or jerks, which seem to consist of too many Obama fans (And to be honest, this tempts me to vote for McCain even more so. Tempts.

I don't know what to make of the campaign finance fraud allegations. If this is true, where is the FEC in this?

Rachel, I'm not sure why you've taken this poor woman's case so to heart. She apparently has some issues. That's no one's fault, including her own. It just is. I don't think the police questioned her story because she was a white woman making a claim against a black man. It sounds like her story warranted further looking into because her story was inconsistent from the start.

My first thought upon hearing the story was poor girl! Then skepticism because the picture that circulated showed the backward "B" which seemed odd. Then I thought I'll just wait and see, while being somewhat irate over the whole thing because of the whole dredging up "scary, black man" thing again if it wasn't true. Now I just feel sad for her, because clearly she does have some problems.

Regardless, I am floored by how directionless the McCain campaign seems to be at times. I swear, I've been wondering the last few weeks whether or not the same people behind the Kerry campaign are secretly working for McCain now, that's how tone deaf the campaign seems lately.

"My opinion still stands. Too many people were dismissive of this crime, which doesn't make them look perceptive, but hateful and arrogant." (Rachel)

I wouldn't bother responding to "Barely Thinking," Rachel, that's hardly likely to elicit more than a grunt.

For my part, I do acknowledge I was skeptical the first time I saw the pictures - knife wounds are usually more jagged and uneven and the "B" looked more like a brand than a cut.

I don't have all that much experience with either knife wounds or CSI, although I had my right hand cut to the bone with a knife - very nasty wound. It severed a lot of veins and the stitches were very painful, as they tried as best they could to inject the pain killer directly into the wound....it hurt like hell.

I think hoaxes like this, the Duke Rape hoax, the Susan Smith hoax to cover up her infanticide and even the false rape allegations at Engine-75 in the Bronx back in 2004 were all horrific crimes in their own right.

I have a lot less sympathy for such people than many others do, as I don't really care about the hoaxers "problems" (Crystal Mangum, Susan Smith and this woman certainly all had their share and more of those), but then, so do most criminals.

I understand your thinking on this, but I think suhc hoaxes ultimately devalue and draw attention away from real crimes and abuses against women.

I take it to heart because people blamed the victim first. It was disgusting. To me it was the Duke incident only in reverse. How would you like it if it was your little girl (and she was telling the truth) and everyone acted like Perry Mason, claiming they knew your daughter was lying?

Richard Jewell, the Duke Lacrosse Case. Too many people being accused for crimes they did not committ and had their lives virtually destroyed in the process. As much as we should be skeptical, all parties should be careful about pre-judging.

Honestly, I think, at least in this case, that was due to so many of the inconsistencies with Ms. Todd's story and the photo evidence (the backward "B" and the fact that it didn't look cut into her face.

Consider that the Duke hoax got going precisely because not enough people questioned the motives and the veracity of the two strippers.

In NYC (in the E-75 incident) the false calims of rape were exposed within hours due to wild inconsistencies in the woman's story and her inability to recall key facts over numerous retellings - that resulted in her recanting her false rape charge within hours of first being questioned by NYC Police.

Three firefighters in that Unit were fired (and rightly so) for dereliction of duty, failure to uphold their oath of office "conduct unbecoming and for obstruction of justice (refusing the cooperate with investigators) - for NYC Municipal employees refusing to answer investigator's questions is, itself, a firing offense.

It should be for elected official nationwide as well, in my view.

I certainly was skeptical from the start, BUT I didn't come to any conclusion or judgment UNTIL the investigation indicated it was a hoax.

Like I said, I can understand where many women feel that women's crimes are all too often not taken as seriously as they should be, but I think we have to be skeptical in all such cases, especially (1) when the initial evidence doesn't appear to add up or (2) like in the Duke case and E-75 cases, where there are both obvious ulterior motives on the part of the claimant (in those cases $$$ disputes) and major inconsistencies in the claimant's story.

Just my thoughts on the matter.

Heh, stop gasping and flopping around, Rach. You owned yourself because you can't see through the most obvious of hoaxes -- a Republican victim.

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