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Here's what I don't get

I find Tina Fey an attractive woman. I also think Sarah Palin's attractive. So why is it that I find Fey-as-Palin singularly repulsive?


Because when the (hollywood liberal enlightened progressive we- know- whats- best- and- you- are- stupid) machine parodies each other, it's in good fun, and it shows. When they parody The Other Side, there's an undercurrent of condescension and hate that oozes through as well. That may be what you're picking up on. Oh wait, not hate. I forget, only conservatives hate. Perhaps it's "fully appropriate indignation" that's oozing through which gives Tina's portrayal that bitter aftertaste you note.

The reality is that Palin is not attractive. But you try to convince yourself that she is attractive so you have a reason to vote for her :-)

Maybe it's the hair, as a parody, it's hilarious, but as hair? Not so great.

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